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Events You Can Sponsor

  • Our ongoing COVID-19 emergency relief efforts to promote food security and reduce the spread of coronavirus. We support homeless shelters and low-resource communities in Maryland by donating raw food items/packed meals, PPEs, hygiene kits, and cleaning supplies to support families in need.
  • Help us test more people and reduce the spread of COVID-19, HIV and other infections.
  • To empower families in rural areas of Nigeria who wish to start small businesses and support their families.
  • To provide screenings such as blood pressure, blood sugar, eye tests, and treatments for common preventable illnesses during our medical outreach events
  • To sponsor any of our food drive events and help fight against hunger in Maryland, USA, and in Nigeria where we provide basic needs like food, shelter, clothing, and medication to families in need.
  • Help us raise funds for youths’ vocational training and workshops