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Adekunle Adejumo, DrPH(c), DVM, MPH. Board Secretary Director of Outreach Services

Dr. Adekunle is a highly dedicated and conscientious public health practitioner with an outstanding service record and background in health practices; food safety, livestock production and work with vulnerable populations such as refugees, orphans, prison inmates, among other disadvantaged populations.

He is passionate about understanding and solving the menace of the influence of social determinants of health in underserved populations, focusing on developing standards and guidelines in the investigation of causes of diseases and other ill-health conditions tailored towards effective preventive strategies.

Adekunle has a background in Veterinary Medicine and MPH with a core interest in research, public health (epidemiology), and leadership development. He is also finishing up a doctoral degree in Public Health. Adekunle is an adept multitasker who is able to handle a high volume of simultaneous healthcare tasks and concerns with professionalism and accuracy.

Adekunle serves as the Director of Outreach Services at FCFA.