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This means there are sufficient quantities of food, education, clothing, and healthcare resources on a consistent basis in a place at a particular point in time.


This involves having adequate amount of resources to obtain appropriate foods that are available for a nutritious diet, and medical equipment for health promotion and disease prevention programs, to achieve the best health outcomes.


This guarantees the ability of the concerned people to put the available, accessible foods and healthcare services into appropriate use, while ensuring that people receive basic nutrition and health care, which includes adequate water, sanitation, and other public health preventive measures required for healthy living.


This means that the three factors mentioned above: availability, accessibility and utilization are sustainable for a record period of time. It is, however, important to note that these pillars are independent of each other and fulfilling one does not necessarily amount to fulfilling others, but the four are very essential in determining the food security and adequate health promotion and prevention programs at a particular area in a particular time.